Winter 2016

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Editor’s Comment — The World Must Unite Against Common Threats
Op-Ed: The Dragon Next Door — Taiwan must tread carefully in China’s front yard

The Globe in Brief
■ Stores Worldwide Sell Shrimp Peeled by Child Slaves
■ Asia is Growing Old
■ Leaked Documents Reveal ISIS’s Internal Statehood
■ China Suggests Free Trade Zone with Russia
■ Groundwater is a (Mostly) Limited Resource
■ U.S. and Russia Agree to Syrian Elections for 2017
■ Progress Made Against AIDS
■ Diabetes on Decline in U.S.
■ China’s Yuan added to IMF’s Special Basket

World Threats in Focus
A Growing Threat — The dangers of jihadist Islamism cannot be dismissed
The Fascism of the Far Right — The xenophobic rhetoric of the far right is a greater threat to freedom than ISIS
Two Enemies are Better than One — Differences between Al-Qaeda and ISIS will be key to their defeat
Negotiating a Catastrophe — The Paris climate talks created hope and little else
Interview with a Climate Expert — Dr. Hugh Sealy worked with small island nation negotiators at COP21

The Intelligence
Designing Evolution — The first laboratory engineering of the DNA of human embryos has prompted some serious questions
America’s Sense of Power — John A. Thompson’s new book tackles why the United States took on the responsibilities of a global leader
The Czar of Belarus — Alexander Lukashenko has stolen another seven-year term in his third decade of presidency on the border between Europe and Russia
‘Not in Our Nation’ — Despite vicious gang wars and a decision by the country’s Supreme Court, Mexicans don’t want marijuana legalized
Share This Brand — Do trending controversies hold companies accountable or offer them an opportunity for free advertising?


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