Winter 2015

A preview of our Winter 2015 issue can be found below. Full back issues are available upon request to eReader subscribers.

Editor’s Comment — Renewed Vigilance in World Affairs
Op-Ed — In the face of rising Russian and Chinese hegemony, the West will be forced on the defensive
Voices — What the recent Mexican protests should mean to the outside

The Globe in Brief
Wealth Inequality has Increased Along Racial Lines
Plastic ‘Eating’ Fungus Discovered
A New Era of Unlimited Clean Energy
America Charts a New Course With Cuba
Over Half of Americans Support Torture
The Torture Report That You Haven’t Seen Yet
The First Artificial Intelligence
The Mighty Oil Crash

Authority in Focus
The Tools of Despotism — Policy and laws must keep up with changing technology to prevent the oppression of civil liberties
Race and War in America — The increasing militarization of police forces threatens America
The Negligence of the CIA — Humanitarian aid in Pakistan still suffers from the CIA’s vaccine deception
Terror Threats: Surrender to your Government — U.K. citizens face vanishing freedoms in new counter-terrorism laws

The Intelligence
U.S. Elections Review: The Path to the White House — The Republicans now hold both the House and Senate, but the sights of both parties are set on on 2016
Uncertainty in Ukraine — What will be the fate of the ‘Borderland’ between Europe and Russia?
Our Cities Are Changing — Society and technology are merging in the new digital infrastructure of smart cities
Hit Drug Trafficking Where it Hurts — The way to win the War on Drugs is to staunch the cash flow south
Who is to Blame for Cambodia? — The nation’s own war crimes tribunal falls short of reconciling its horrendous past
Trans-Atlantic Trade — The new Canada-E.U. trade agreement will open doors on both sides of the Atlantic


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