Winter 2013

Winter2013_CoverA preview of our Winter 2013 issue can be found below. Full back issues are available upon request to both print and eReader subscribers.

Editor’s Comment — One Year of Progress
Op Ed — Iran Must Answer to America and the West
Letters — Iran: Nuclear arms could bring stability
Feature — Afghanistan and I

The Globe in Brief
Jordan Foils 9/11 (2)
Officials Executed in North Korea
U.S. Military Building a Fence Around the Earth
Official Expelled from China’s Communist Party
Malala Embodies Courage in Struggle for Equality
Terms of Holiday Ceasefire Show Tensions in Syria
Germany Agrees to Eurozone Banking Supervisor

Iran in Focus
The Hardline on Iran at Home — Canada’s approach raises global tension for domestic gains.
Fuel to the Fire — Israel’s natural gas discovery threatens disaster.
Iran isn’t Alone — India is maintaining its trade alliance with Iran despite America’s call for sanctions.
Blasphemy in the Internet Age — A controversial YouTube video has divided nations over the freedom of expression.

The Intelligence
The Expansion of Discontent — The European Union suffers ‘enlargement fatigue’ as it continues to grow.
Thinking Sustainably — A renewed look at building practices could save both the environment and people in need.
Say ‘No’ to America — The denied extradition of Gary McKinnon reveals a schism in Anglo-American relations.
Russia Rises Again — Putin seeks to expand Russian influence with his ‘Eurasian Union’.


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