Winter 2012

winter_2012_coverIn celebration of its premier issue, The Global Intelligence is keeping Winter 2012 available online for your reading pleasure. You can find all of the content from that issue below:

Editor’s Comment — Our Inaugural Pledge
Editorial — Seven Billion Lay Claim World Citizenship

The Globe in Brief
In Memory of Steve Jobs (1955 – 2011)

Google Fights Slavery
Tensions Rise Over Downed Drone
Britain out of new European Union Treaty
Child-trafficking Bust
Family Background Matters for China’s Students
China’s Bill Gates
Pakistan Returns to Cooperation after U.S. Air Strike

The Long Road to School — The failed campaign for literacy is incurring a high social cost.

World Neighbors
Why Good Fences Make Bad Neighbors — Even in light of the Beyond the Border initiative, Canada-U.S. relations have never been as strong as they look.
China’s Expansion Strategy Frightens Neighbors — China is increasing its global military presence to match its image as a super power.
Love-Hate Relations: India and its Neighbors — In the face of rivals, India is offering aid to its smaller neighbors.

The Climate
Global Warming isn’t up for Debate — A new report consolidates the evidence in attempt to prove global warming once and for all.
How to Adapt to Climate Change — A U.N. panel provides advice on what to expect from climate change and how to prepare.

The Intelligence
Patents Paid for with Patients — Patents of human genes are hurting our well-being.
Will Peace and Democracy last in Nepal? — A new settlement for democracy has been signed in Nepal.
The New Age of Warfare isn’t Here… Yet — Despite Stuxnet, the era of cyber warfare still sits over the horizon.
Social Media and the New Revolution — Social Media profoundly affected uprisings in 2011.
India’s Struggle for Nuclear Power — India faces global and local obstacles on its path to nuclear power.
The Growth of Genetic Crops — The Gene Revolution has grown out of the Green Revolution.


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