Summer 2016

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Editor’s Comment — The voters got their way
Op-Ed: America’s Lost Greatness — What happened between Reagan and Obama that led America astray?

The Globe in Brief
■ Leak of ‘Panama Papers’ Reveals Widespread Tax Evasion
■ All Scientific Articles from Europe to be Available Free by 2020
■ Colombia has Fired Over 1,400 Police in Corruption Crackdown
■ U.N. Secretary General Admits Extortion by Saudi Arabia
■ Adidas to Return Shoe Production to Germany using Robots
■ World’s “Most Elite” Conference Met in June
■ 2016 Certain to be Hottest Year on Record
■ G7 Leaders Meet in Japan
■ China to Send Nuclear-armed Submarines to the Pacific
■ Further CIA Torture Details Declassified
■ World Bank Downgrades Growth Forecast by 0.5%

Voters Everywhere are Pissed Off
Hacking the Election — The tactics of ‘troll armies’ used around the world could sway the American election
The Populist Appeal — When voters are dissatisfied, they’ll try anything new—like Donald Trump
France Has Gone too Far — In a state of emergency that has lasted more than seven months, police have used their powers to stop more protests than terrorists

Terrorism Hasn’t Gone Away
Targeting Algeria — Europe needs Algerian natural gas, and Algeria needs European investment, but Islamist militants stand in their way
Could Pakistan Become Another Syria? — Two kidnappings and an execution reveal a growing and dangerous radicalization in a nuclear-armed country
Syria’s Chemical Scourge — The use of horrendous chemical weapons is on the rise in Syria and Iraq, but where are they coming from?

The Intelligence
Measuring Charity — Effective altruists are using scientific methods to do the most good with their charitable dollars
Can Canada Recover? — The nation’s international image and global leadership were lost during the Harper years, but there is a way forward
How to Win—or Lose—a War — Hybrid warfare has become the only way wars are fought—and won


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