Summer 2015

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Editor’s Comment — The World’s Refugees are in Desperate Need
Op-Ed — The Middle Eastern Conundrum

The Globe in Brief
■ Limiting Climate Change Good for the Economy
■ Conservatives Take Majority in U.K.
■ Controversial Anti-Terrorism Bill C-51 Passes in Canada
■ E.U. Response to Humanitarian Disaster in the Mediterranean
■ Philae Comet Lander Wakes Up
■ Congress Votes to limit the NSA
■ Life Imprisonment for Founder of Silk Road
■ Terrorist Attacks in France, Tunisia, and Kuwait
■ Candidates Announce Bids for U.S. Presidential Nomination
■ Morsi Sentenced to Death
■ Supreme Court in U.S. voted in favor of Gay Marriage

Conflict in Focus
Yemen’s Disaster Could Become al-Saud’s — Unrest has grown into civil war, and the Saudis are on the losing side
Europe’s Fascination with Fences — The E.U. is struggling with a refugee crisis and threatens to close its gates
How to Stop War — The Arms Trade Treaty is a welcome step, but it will be insufficient to stem the flow of weapons

Who Benefits Most? — Like it or not, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is good for investment and uncertain for industry
America’s Most Wanted Secret — WikiLeaks wants to expose the free trade negotiations with the free trade of information

The Intelligence
Tremors in the Himalayas — Poverty-stricken Nepal faces an uphill climb after two terrible earthquakes, but its politicians and neighbors see only their own opportunities
The European Dream is Fraying — Between Greece’s collapse and the U.K.’s withdrawal, the E.U. faces a double-fronted threat
Machines Don’t Vote — The rapid pace of automatization is going to disrupt the labor market, and unemployed voters will want answers
Bangladesh Has a Lot to Prove — With her nation newly behind her, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is looking abroad for new opportunities
The Road to Havana — How the U.S. can win over Cuba


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