Summer 2014

TGI Summer 2014 CoverA preview of our Summer 2014 issue can be found below. Full back issues are available upon request to eReader subscribers.

Editor’s Comment — “Clean” Coal: An Insulting Oxymoron; and European Union’s After Shock
Op Ed — Afghanistan should not be Abandoned.

The Globe in Brief
New NASA Space Observatory to Study Carbon Conundrums
Jihadi recruitment video for Isis features three Britons
Pew: Democrats, Republicans drifting further apart
House moves to ban NSA’s ‘back-door search’ provision
Russia redeploying more troops along Ukraine border
That ‘earthquake’ in Europe? It’s far-right gains in Parliament
Anti-Semitism On The Rise According To A New Report
Candidate Says He Can’t Trust Officials’ Tally of Afghan Vote
China Could Overtake U.S. as the World’s No. 1 Economy This Year
Profile in Brief: Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)

Focus on War
Syria’s Last Chance for Peace — A new strategy from Saudi Arabia and the United States could force Assad to negotiate.
Pakistan’s Dilemma — A divided policy for ‘good’ Taliban and ‘bad’ Taliban has backfired.
A Nuclear-free Scotland — Scottish independence threatens NATO’s reliance on a nuclear arsenal.
Who Will Start the Pacific War? — The Sino-Japanese rivalry has pulled in India and attracted the attention of the United States.
Cyberwar, a New War on Terror — NATO Thinks it is prepared for Cyber Terrorism.

The Intelligence
India is Poised for a Big Change — The Modi vote means a new direction for the government and people.
Modi/Obama 2014 — The election of Narendra Modi in India is good news for the United States.
Drones in Our Backyard — These versatile machines will soon infiltrate western skies.
Twenty Years After Genocide — Rwanda must attempt to grow after surviving its terrible tragedy.


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