Summer 2013

CoverA preview of our Summer 2013 issue can be found below. Full back issues are available upon request to both print and eReader subscribers.

Editor’s Comment — Intelligence on the Intelligence
Op Ed — Iran’s Election: An Omen for Renewed Nuclear Threat

The Globe in Brief
Whistleblower Reveals U.S. Surveillance Secrets
“Tax, Trade, and Transparency” on Agenda at G-8
U.K. Shale Gas Reserves Double Previous Estimates
Agreement Reached on E.U.’s Seven-Year Budget
Pope Francis a Fresh Face for the Vatican

Government Surveillance 
Watching the Watchmen — The NSA’s leaks will have implications on the world stage.
CENSORED for Inciting Subversion of State Power — A new report calls attention to China’s widespread surveillance and censorship at a time when America would rather avoid the comparison.

Fragile World Peace
A Changing Asian Scenario — Economics pave the way for cooperation in South and East Asia.
An Unlikely Agreement in the Balkans — Serbia and Kosovo find common ground over a conflicted zone.
The Palestinian Peril — Even with U.N. recognition, Palestine’s prospects look grim, but one hope remains.

The Intelligence
The Drought After the Arab Spring — An economic ‘dry summer’ followed the Arab Spring in post-revolution Tunisia.
Islamic Extremism Festering in Russia — The Boston Bombers were not likely part of a Russian terror organization, but the next ones could be.
Obama Tries to Cool the Planet — In a speech on Climate Change, the U.S. President sets a clear direction for the U.S. and the world.
The U.S. Immigration Vote: Will it End the Debate? — A new bill passed through the Senate but still under debate in the House may solve America’s immigration woes.
Translating a Culture — The cultural diffusion of English in India paved the way for modern globalization.


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