Summer 2012

CoverA preview of our Summer 2012 issue can be found below. Full back issues are available upon request to both print and eReader subscribers.

Editor’s Comment — “No more immigrants—they are not welcome in the West.”
Op Ed — The Spring of Elections and Democratic Discontent

The Globe in Brief
Socialist Hollande Wins in France
Greece’s Future Uncertain
Protests force Early Elections in Maldives
Suu Kyi hesitant after Myanmar Elections
Asian-Americans an ‘Untapped’ Vote
Eurozone Unemployment Record High
China Encourages Private Business
Governor of Bank of England should have done more
Avian Flu Bioterrorism Threat
U.S. on Alert in Nairobi
Cholera Evolving in Haiti

Global Democracy
Who Will Stand on Foreign Policy? — U.S. presidential candidates fail to heed world affairs for more than electoral identity theater.
Should Racist Voters Justify Racist Policy? — Vote-politics highlight the gulf between the perception and reality of migration.
Democracy Isn’t for Everyone — A growing democratic awareness is rebuilding and reforming societies from both above and below, but it comes with a cost.
The Facade of Reform in Malaysia — Though both candidates promise democratic and economic reform, the upcoming elections in Malaysia may offer only false hope.

The Intelligence
The Greek Lesson  — If other countries don’t learn from the Greek economic crisis, the worst has yet to come.
A European Stage for Greek Tragedy and German Occupation — The specter of German austerity has been cast across Europe. Special Analysis.
No End in Sight for Tibetan Protesters — Self-immolations increase in Tibet as China remains unflinching to their demands.
The Third Age of Manufacturing — The elegance of 3D printing is leading to an industrial and economic shift.


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