Spring 2017

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Editor’s Comment — Washington and Moscow Must Talk
Op-Ed: Congress Challenges Trump — Donald Trump’s proposed tax overhaul will be another test for his young presidency.

The Globe in Brief
■ 33 Civilians Dead After U.S. Airstrike on a School in Syria
■ US Drops Some Restrictions on Cyber-Security Sales to Russian Spy Agency
■ China Bans Coal Imports from North Korea
■ Wikileaks “Vault 7” Dump Proves You Were Right to be Paranoid
■ Top Scientists Condemn US Environment Chief’s Climate Change Denial
■ Russia and CIA Hack French Elections

Russia in Focus
Russia’s Arctic Interests — As climate change opens the Arctic for business, the region is also heating up militarily.

Elections in Focus
The Immigrant Scapegoat — Brexit has come, but are ‘leave’ voters getting what they want?
How to Make Sense of American Politics — In the aftermath of one of the most surprising elections in U.S. history, one factor should have
predicted it all.

The Intelligence
Photojournal: The Rarest Gemstone in the World — Mines in Northern Tanzania are the only source of one of the world’s most coveted gemstones.
Coal in the Jungle — Bangladesh’s growing energy needs threaten protected wetlands and the last home of the Royal Bengal tiger.
Alternative Facts are Nothing New — Holocaust denial and the rejection of consensus truth has been around a long time. How can it be countered?
Fleeing America Across a Freezing Border — Since Trump’s election, Canada is seeing a rise in the number of people illegally crossing its border from the United States.
The North Korean Faultline — Security experts in both China and America are concerned about the direction the hermit regime is headed under Kim Jong-Un.
Pro-Business or Anti-Muslim? — Which strategy brought Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party success at the state level?
Muslim vs. Buddhist — Myanmar’s young government must contain its growing ethnic divide.


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