Spring 2016

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Editor’s Comment — The Threat of Nuclear Terrorists Cannot be Ruled Out
Op-Ed — Who can give the American electorate what they want?

The Globe in Brief
■ Trump in List of Top 10 Global Risks
■ Hackers’ $1bn Bank Heist Blocked by Typo
■ Iran Conducts Missile Tests as Show of Force
■ Google AI beats Go Champion
■ Leaks Reveal U.S. Spied on U.N. Secretary General
■ IMF says World close to “Economic Derailment”
■ Ships Going the Long Way Round with Cheap Oil
■ Saudi Arabia Attacking Civilians in Yemen
■ ISIS Troop Names Leaked
■ Continued Allegations of Corruption for South African President

The Digital Era
Cyber Power — The new world order has become a digital one, and everyone is competing to stay ahead
Our New Frontier: Threats from Above — The satellite era only makes us more vulnerable
Our New Frontier: Possibilities for Growth — Space presents a new opportunity for public-private partnerships
iPhone Ethics — Should we value public security or data security when it comes to terrorists’ phones?
The Social Jihad — ISIS’s use of social media may be thegreater danger

The Intelligence
Changing Customs — The U.S. and Canada are now more freely sharing borders and information
A Look Back: Chernobyl — Thirty years later, Chernobyl’s disastrous nuclear reactor is still not sealed and the cancer toll is just beginning
The Lone Star and the Sun — Can solar energy outshine oil in the heart of Texas?
What to do about China? — The South Asian and Pacific nations must react to both China’s ambitions and a nuclear North Korea
The Humanitarian Crisis Looming at the Mosul Dam — If the Mosul Dam breaks, war-torn Iraq could face a disaster “a thousand times worse” than Hurricane Katrina
A School-Yard President — This year’s presidential primaries have divided parties, and the nation, like never before


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