Spring 2014

CoverA preview of our Spring 2014 issue can be found below. Full back issues are available upon request to eReader subscribers.

Editor’s Comment — The future no longer seems certain.
Op Ed — Ukraine Imbroglio: Russia is in control for now.
Letters — Could an African or Asian Union catch up to the Global North?

The Globe in Brief
The DEA Struck A Deal With Mexico’s Most Notorious Drug Cartel
Nigeria’s Anti-Gay Bill Signed Into Law
Russia Shrugs off Threat of Permanent Expulsion from G8
Jimmy Carter: ‘I feel like I’m being monitored by U.S. gov’t.’
Deadly Terrorist Attack in Southwestern China Blamed on Separatist Muslim Uighurs
Egypt Court Sentences 528 Morsi Supporters to Death
Kissinger Says Asia Is Like 19th-Century Europe on Use of Force
Remains of 46 Kosovo Victims Handed to Families
Canadian Parti Québécois Promises to Hold Referendum on Quebec Sovereignty
Notorious Mexican Drug Cartel Leader Arrested

Russia’s Sphere
The Battle for the Black Sea — Russia’s moves in Crimea are ominous for other Black Sea nations considering E.U. ascension.
Book Review: ‘Kicking the Kremlin’ — Charting the dual rise of Putin and the anti-Putin protest movement.
“Something very dark is going on in Russia right now.” — Interview with author/journalist Marc Bennetts.

Technology Trends
The iCity — In an age of rapid technological advancement, Smart Cities will leave the rest behind.
Can the Sun Replace Oil? — What if a battery could make renewable energy more efficient than fossil fuels…

The Intelligence
Beneath the Bloodshed in Mexico — Policy fault lines have fueled the violence in the narcotics industry.
The Political Tides of South and Southeast Asia — It is a year of election challenge and consequence for ten nations in the region.
The Future Face of North America — Immigration matters for the U.S. and Canada in the new global economy.
Canada’s Shameful Scar — A national truth commission attempts to reconcile Canada’s worst tragedy.


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