Spring 2013

CoverA preview of our Spring 2013 issue can be found below. Full back issues are available to both print and eReader subscribers.

Editor’s Comment — Is America’s Democracy Dysfunctional?
Op Ed — How Obama Divided and Conquered America…

The Globe in Brief
Growing Spy Threat to U.S.
Solar Panel Supplier Bankrupt
Stem Cell Donors Needed for Cancer Patients
U.S. Most Popular Migrant Destination
IPO for China’s E-Commerce Giant?
Deep Space Mining Ahead
Chinese Hacker Myths
The U.S. Can Learn from the Third World

Islam in Focus
Afghanistan and I — A woman’s fascinating journey through an isolated culture.
Hezbollah a Grave Threat in America’s Backyard — Reports are ignored in the U.S. that Mexico is fertile ground for a growing Hezbollah presence.
The Clash of Civilizations? — After a decade of war, is there a synthesis between Islam and the West?
Justice for Persecuted Women — The U.N. ban on female genital mutilation must be promoted peacefully.
Balancing on a Warhead — Nuclear powers Pakistan and India maintain a tense rivalry.

The Intelligence
Does Murder Make Law? — Outrage against recent atrocities in Connecticut and New Delhi could change legislation.
China at the Top of the World — International pressure and foreign investment are giving China leverage in the Arctic.
East and South Asia are Emerging to Challenge the West — A generational shift in India, China, and others will soon outspend the West.
America’s Corrupt Back Door — A report finds new initiatives have weakened border integrity.


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