Spring 2012

CoverOur Spring 2012 issue is available online for your reading pleasure. You can find all of the content from that issue below:

Editor’s Comment — A Resolve of Global Transformation
Editorial — Democracy in Myanmar: Challenges Ahead

The Globe in Brief
Canadian Election Scandal
Poverty in Japan
U.S. Housing Crisis Development
A Growing Political Party in Pakistan
China’s Influence in Nepal
Report Released on Gujarat Massacres

The Technology that Changes Everything — It’s not a question of ‘if’ nanotechnology will shake the world, but ‘by how much’.
Interview with Nanotechnologist Jim Gimzewski — “My sights are set on building a machine that demonstrates intelligence without programming.”

The Intelligence
Getting Water from a Worm — Cost-effective and sustainable solutions are needed to solve the world’s water crisis.
China’s Burgeoning Economy — What prospects does China’s boom hold for eager entrepreneurs?
Nuclear Threat: North Korea, Iran, and Pakistan — Nuclear weapons and terrorism are a growing threat to global peace.
The Fight over Deforestation: REDD vs. Green — The UN-REDD Programme is trying to unite economic and environmental interests in the deforestation debate by encouraging a sustainable industry.
Democracy Springs in Myanmar — In order to get back on the global stage, General Thein Sein is reforming Myanmar from above.


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