Autumn 2017

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Editor’s Comment — In Memory of Probir Kumar Sarkar
Op-Ed: Grenfell is a Reminder — The Grenfell Tower disaster is both a symbol and a result of misplaced priorities
Review: Can Stories Counter Hate Speech? — London Reader, Summer Issue: The Hate Speech Monologues

The Globe in Brief
■ U.S. Mayors Sign Unofficial Paris Agreement
■ Largest Arms Deal in U.S. History
■ Comey says Trump May Have Obstructed Justice
■ Women Can Contribute $12 Trillion, says U.N.
■ Merkel Says E.U. Must Take the Lead
■ Kenyan Election Contested

America in Decline
Entangled in the Web of the Silk Road — The Philippines’ foreign policy turn away from America and towards China signals a shifting world order
Trump Turns his Back on the World — By pulling out of the Paris Agreement on climate change, Trump has abdicated America’s position as a global leader
Xi’s Master Plan — China’s One Belt, One Road initiative is the largest plan of foreign investment the world has ever seen
The Danger of the Meme — The insidious online rise of the alt-right has created a new, extremist political movement

The Intelligence
The Money of the Future — Cryptocurriences are rising in both market share and users
In Depth: “Not My Zionism” — Israel is losing the support of America’s young, liberal Jews
Europe’s Test — The refugee crisis has challenged the European Union’s position on the moral high ground
U.K. Election Roundup: How Long Can Theresa May Last? — The fractures in the United Kingdom’s political scene have never been so visible—just as it enters its most important negotiations in seventy years
No End in Sight for Syria — How did we get here, and where can we go?


Autumn 2017