Autumn 2016

autumn-2016-coverA preview of our Autumn 2016 issue can be found below. Full back issues are available upon request to eReader subscribers.

Editor’s Comment — No Clear Choice for America
Op-Ed: Nuclear Negotiations 
The next president of the United States must stand firm on North Korea and China.

The Globe in Brief
■ Open Data May Beat World Hunger
■ “Copyright is Not a Divine Right”
■ Costa Rica Renewable for 75 Days and Counting
■ Cervical Cancer Rates Halved Thanks to Vaccine
■ Medical Aid Group Pulls Out of Yemen Following Hospital
■ Turkish Academics Banned From Leaving Country
■ Quantum Computer Simulates Molecule
■ Protesters Killed by Ethiopian Police during Unrest
■ “Warehouse of Souls”: 60,000 Refugees in Greece
■ Zika Virus has Become Global Health Emergency

Turmoil in the Himalayas
The Kashmiri Faultline — India’s failure to placate current protests may have
turned them into an uprising.
Can China Curb Terrorism? — China is pushing its People’s War on Terror to stop a
spate of Islamist attacks at home.
Who Owns Balochistan? — India may be trying to play Balochistan as a thorn in
Pakistian’s side.
Terrorism is Spreading — Could ISIS emerge in Pakistan?

The Intelligence
What Kind of President Would They Be? — And do more Americans despise Donald Trump or distrust
Hillary Clinton?
The Summer of Discontent — If the European Union is going to split up, this is how it will start.
Is Your Job Safe? — Society needs solutions to the rapidly changing labor market of the automated future.
The Man Who Changed Canada — As Prime Minister, Stephen Harper forged a legacy that neither his supporters nor detractors can forget
Back to the USSR? — Recent elections suggest Russia may be slipping back into one-party rule.
Error 404: Control of the Right to Broadband — Access to broadband is fundamental to modern communication and development, but who are its gatekeepers?


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