Autumn 2015

A preview of our Autumn 2015 issue can be found below. Full back issues are available upon request to eReader subscribers.

Editor’s Comment — The Time to Act is Now
Op-Ed, Part I: The Price of Climate Catastrophe — Can the world afford to ignore climate change?
Op-Ed, Part II: Balancing a Green Budget — Can the world afford to prevent climate change?

The Globe in Brief
■ Facebook Snitches on Suspicious Conversations
■ Concerned Investors Pull Funds from Fossil Fuels
■ Iran Deal Going Forward
■ Ex-Colombian President Objects to Peace Process
■ China Promises Cap-and-Trade Emissions System
■ Ukraine Bans Russian Flights

The Climate in Focus
The Climate Scam — Media and policymakers are irresponsible to mislead the public on climate change
“Call us Alarmists” — “The climate situation is alarming,” an Interview with Dr. David Suzuki
Climate Gluttons — The environmental impact of our diets
The Century of Water — Is the world prepared for water scarcity?

The Intelligence
Revisiting the Tragedies of Vietnam — America’s ‘unwinnable’ war should teach the world a lesson
A Turn to the Left — Jeremy Corbyn, Bernie Sanders, and the politics of hope and change
Progress or Profits? — Autocratic yet energy-rich, the Central Asian Republics are drawing the attention of nearby investors
Europe’s Burden — The refugee crisis is dividing the continent
Unending Violence, Elusive Peace — Afghanistan struggles for stability in the face of a splintered Taliban and a growing Islamic State
It’s all Greek to Us — Behind Greece’s economic meltdown is a legacy of bad borrowing and entrenched inertia


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