Autumn 2014

TGI Autumn 2014 FINALA preview of our Autumn 2014 issue can be found below. Full back issues are available upon request to eReader subscribers.

Editor’s Comment — Chinese democracy could follow economic prosperity through the port of Hong Kong.
Op Ed — Violence is not the Answer: ISIS could learn from Scotland.
Letters — Rockets’ Red Glare, Bombs Bursting in Air, Steal Thunder of Global Climate Protests Overshadowing U.N. Climate Summit.

The Globe in Brief
■ 4G Wireless in the Car: Speeding With Impunity
■ China’s Natural Gas Demand Set to Triple by 2040
■ U.S., Obama’s Image Remains Positive Worldwide
■ Sabotage Suspected as Dozens of Children Die Painfully from Measles Vaccine in Syria
■ Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta’s ICC trial collapses
■ President-Elect Erdogan Heralds “New Turkey” in Last Party Speech
■ U.S. Accused of Forcing E.U. to Accept Tar Sands Oil
■ Ferguson Shooting: Police now Wear Cameras
■ Oil Lubricates Equatorial Guinea’s Entry into Portuguese Language Community

Focus on Marijuana
Being Reasonable about Marijuana — A century of poor policy, enacted by racist legislators, still blocks modern research.
The Green Rush — A fringe industry has become a booming business in California.

Focus on Ebola
The Ebola Disaster — The world’s worst Ebola epidemic is wreaking havoc on the most vulnerable nations.
Talking About Ebola — An Interview with Dr. Amesh Adalja.

The Intelligence
Putin’s Trump Card: Energy Supremacy — Winter is coming, and the E.U. cannot afford to play Russian roulette.
The Bollywood Message — Stereotypes in Indian cinema do no favors for a traditional nation.
Why the U.S. Can’t Defeat ISIS — It will take more than military might to restore peace in Syria’s backyard.
Triangular Diplomacy — Newly built ties between Modi and Abe have pushed China away.
Pakistan’s Failing Revolution — The ‘sit-in’ in Islamabad may rally the political class but will not cure its woes.
Dubai Expo 2020 — Mounting debt and human rights violations threaten the big event.


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