Autumn 2012

Autumn2012 Cover regular sizeA preview of our Autumn 2012 issue can be found below. Full back issues are available upon request to both print and eReader subscribers.

Editor’s Comment — U.S. Foreign Policy Debate: Promises and Realities
Op Ed — Russian Energy Supremacy Threatens NATO
Letters — Canada: Foreign Aid Failures
Fifth Estate — The Problem with Democracy

The Globe in Brief
China Buying up Foreign Energy
Annan’s Resignation Setback for Syria
Report Uncovers Activity at Iran Nuclear Facility
Romney’s Foreign Tour only Partial Success
Massive Political Corruption Trial in Brazil
Pakistan Refocusing Intelligence Relationship with America

America in Focus
A Golden Age of Gas — The coming energy boom will be America’s, thanks to shale gas.
The President who will Lead the World — What could Obama’s vision or Romney’s fist mean for countries looking on?
“The Greatest Danger Facing the World” — Tehran’s nuclear energy program will force the U.S. to respond.
From Friends to Foes? — U.S.-Pak relations are worsening at a time of election uncertainties.
Not in My Country — An Arizona law places immigration policy on the election stage.

The Intelligence
Rethinking Poverty — Bottom-up capitalism offers incentives to boost developing economies.
The Commute of the Future — Could flying cars change the urban skyline forever?
Arctic For Sale — A rush for black gold is underway in the Great White North.
A Handshake for Northern Ireland — Can one act of forgiveness bridge the divide of segregation in a troubled region?
Trading Hats for Helmets — Israel’s ultra-Orthodox Jews are now being drafted for military service.


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