Winter 2017

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Editor’s Comment — Our Vow for the New Year, 2017
Op-Ed: Rivalry or Comradery? — Russian-American Relations and the New Nuclear Arms Race

The Globe in Brief
■ President of Colombia Urges an End to the War on Drugs
■ Russian Ambassador Assassinated in Turkey
■ Humanitarian Crises in Aleppo and Mosul
■ Heckler & Koch to End New Deals with non-NATO Countries
■ Refugees in Germany are Often Overqualified
■ Russia Loses Seat on U.N. Human Rights Council

Russia in Focus
In-Depth Report: The Putin Factor — In the wake of accusations that Moscow interfered in the U.S. elections, the greatest uncertainty of 2017 is Putin’s next move.

Refugees in Focus
Indefinite Detention in the Land of the Free — Donald Trump’s deportation promise threatens everything America stands for.
Strife in the Buddhist State — Rohingya Muslims are fleeing a violent campaign ethnic cleansing in Buddhist Myanmar.
A University in Every Refugee Camp — The Syrian civil war provides an opportunity to re-think the role of higher education in supporting future reconstruction and the ongoing refugee crisis.

The Intelligence
India’s Left-Wing Extremists — Maoists in the rural areas of India continue to threaten and recruit as they prepare for revolution.
A.I. Manipulation — Artificial intelligence is here, but we don’t even know what it can do yet.
Threat to the Maple Leaf — Can Canada counter Islamist terrorism?
Currency Crackdown — India’s short-sighted ban on large currency risks wrecking the economy, but still hopes for long-term success.
Factions and Fault Lines — The ongoing proxy war in Iraq and Syria is complicated by Turkey’s geopolitical ambitions.


Autumn 2017