Editor’s Comment

In Memory of Probir Kumar Sarkar.

With this issue, we pay our respects to the memory of Probir Kumar Sarkar, founder and Executive Editor of The Global Intelligence, who passed away unexpectedly in April.

Mr. Sarkar had a long and respected history as a journalist, writing for the Wall Street Journal Asia and India Today in Delhi before relocating to the United States in 1990, where he joined the staff of the Hollywood Reporter and worked as the U.S. Foreign Correspondent for Organizer Weekly. He was a longtime contributor to Reason magazine, from which he took his motto: “Free minds and free markets.” Having fled the partition of East Pakistan as a child, Mr. Sarkar grew up in India in the shadow of the Cold War and migrated to North America. With the view that democratic freedom brings with it responsibility, he chose to pursue that responsibility as a journalist, holding politicians to account and keeping a spotlight on the risks to liberty in the world at large. After immigrating to Canada with his family, he founded The Global Intelligence with the vision of presenting a balanced and international perspective on global affairs for the leaders and decision-makers of the world. Over the past six years, I worked closely with Mr. Sarkar on The Global Intelligence, and I know that he dedicated himself to providing our readers with a timely and practical analysis of world events that managed to combine a respect for free markets, human rights, and the democratic process.

The Global Intelligence represents not only the culmination of Mr. Sarkar’s life’s work, but also a dream that he carried with him for a long time. His dream was that, through engagement and discussion, investigation and analysis, the world could be better informed to face the decisions of its future and avoid the horrors of its past. It is in the spirit of this vision that The Global Intelligence will continue on now with this Autumn 2017 edition.

In the penultimate Editor’s Comment that Mr. Sarkar penned for The Global Intelligence, he wrote the following: … We march on under the banner of truth, supported not by clicks, advertising, government, or big business … critical of every government when it falters and every political ideology when it oversteps realities … we renew our pledge to be a pioneer of truth and humanity.

As the globe navigates uncertain waters, The Global Intelligence will hold steady to that pledge. This issue is dedicated to the memory of Probir Kumar Sarkar, a champion of the value of truth and thought, and we hereby rededicate The Global Intelligence to the values that he established and that are so crucial in our present era.

If you have a moment to hold in memory of a visionary journalist, please reflect on the value and importance of Mr. Sarkar’s dream in the world today.

— Benjamin Bruce Hayward
Acting Editor


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