33 Civilians Dead After U.S. Airstrike on a School in Syria

At least 33 civilians were killed by several U.S. airstrikes on a school in Mansoura, a rural town in Raqqa Province in Syria, early in the morning on March 21. The school had been used as a refuge for around 50 families fleeing from ISIS-controlled Raqqa. It was almost completely levelled in the airstrikes. The number of dead has been confirmed by local residents as well as state television.

The U.S.-backed coalition first claimed that they had no indications that civilians had been hit. Since then they have announced that they are investigating claims that civilians were killed.

Airways, a U.K.-based NGO that monitors international airstrikes against ISIS, has suggested that as many as 370 civilian deaths were caused by coalition attacks in the first week of March alone. These attacks have raised concerns that the U.S. military has become less selective in its targeting, in line with claims made by U.S. President Donald Trump that he would loosen restrictions intended to protect civilians during attacks on ISIS.

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