What Kind of President Would They Be?

And do more Americans despise Donald Trump or distrust Hillary Clinton?

By Yatindra Bhatnagar.

The American presidential election campaign this year is the most chaotic, controversial, slanderous, confusing, and totally unpredictable that this journalist has witnessed in six decades. Political and personal attacks are common in election rhetoric, but demeaning accusations have become a standard campaign ritual this year. The personal qualities—or the utter lack of them—of the party leaders have been shredded on a daily basis. The American social scene, which often provides helpful campaign material, is instead marred by killings, deteriorating race-relations, divisive rhetoric, and acts of terror in the U.S. and abroad.

The Republican nominee, Donald Trump, has been called a “national disgrace” and “unfit to be president”. His lack of political background, blunt statements, bankruptcies, and marriages and divorces are more than enough fodder for critics to attack him constantly.

The Democratic candidate, Senator Hillary Clinton, has substantially more experience in politics, but also the baggage that comes with it, which continues to follow her in the press and on the campaign trail. Her honesty is widely questioned, and, despite lack of prosecution, her e-mail scandal has made her look irresponsible.

Trump is much more despised, but Clinton is perhaps even more distrusted. Trump claims to be different than other politicians, but that’s because of a lack of political experience. Clinton has spent many years in office, but as a result is followed by the controversy of those years. The political middle ground doesn’t know where to turn.

The Two Contenders

Despite the relevant criticisms, both candidates are now the official candidates for president, deemed fit by their parties to hold the White House for four or even eight years.

Donald Trump took on a dozen or more stalwarts but soundly defeated all of them in the primaries, despite opposition from the party establishment. He received the nomination at his party’s national convention in July. Trump’s bid received tremendous support from …

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