Colombia has Fired Over 1,400 Police in Corruption Crackdown

The national police force of Colombia has fired nearly 18 officers a day throughout the spring after General Jorge Hernado Nieto took over as head in February. The total number of fired officers is less than 1 percent of the entire police forces, but Nieto has said it is part of a “zero tolerance for corruption” campaign and is an attempt to improve the public image of the force.

The process took place during ongoing peace talks with rebel groups that have been active in the country for over five decades. Much of the country is jubilant as it looks as though a final accord for a ceasefire and disarmament will be signed this summer.

The majority of the officers were fired for disciplinary issues, administrative failures, or other minor infractions, but as many as 400 were removed for drug trafficking, taking bribes, and other instances of corruption.

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