Trump in List of Top 10 Global Risks

The Economist Intelligence Unit, a think-tank affiliated with the Economist magazine, has ranked Donald Trump winning the U.S. presidency among the top ten risks facing the world. The reasons given were that he could disrupt the world economy and increase the security threat to the United States.

The list prioritizes risks to the strength of global markets, but in that regard, a Trump presidency is tied with “the rising threat of jihadi terrorism” and is ranked even riskier than an armed clash in the South China Sea.

Though Trump has given very few details of his policy plans, he has been critical of both free trade and the Chinese economic position, and his stance on the U.S.-Mexican border “could rapidly escalate into a trade war”. Trump’s aggressive foreign policy stance could also create instability in the Middle East; he has said his strategy for stopping terrorism would be to kill the families of enemy combatants.

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