ISIS Troop Names Leaked

More than a dozen Britons and a handful of Americans are among the ISIS fighters reportedly named in a cache of 22,000 documents obtained by German intelligence. The documents, thought to be from a border crossing into Syria, are questionnaires of each would-be recruit. There are 23 questions, including names, date and place of birth, hometown, telephone number, education and blood type. The questionnaire asked would-be ISIS recruits about any previous experience they had in jihad and whether they were prepared to be suicide bombers.

The documents seem to have been collected by ISIS at the end of 2013. Even the lowest estimate of the numbers that crossed the border in that period indicates the sheer volume of volunteers to ISIS. The documents will be useful to intelligence agencies in confirming names and details of people suspected of joining ISIS. However, it was reported that there are names not previously known to the intelligence services.

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