A School-Yard President

This year’s presidential primaries have divided parties, and the nation, like never before.

By Yatindra Bhatnagar.

It should have been no surprise, but the 2016 American presidential primaries have become the most unprecedented, aggressive campaign the country has seen in a long time. On the Republican side, candidates have said or been targeted by the sorts of highly controversial, slanderous, defamatory, and divisive statements that reflect a bitterly contested political campaign even though there has been one clear frontrunner the entire time, solely because that frontrunner is party outsider and controversy-maker Donald Trump. The Democrats have been more civil but no less aggressive. Though Hillary Clinton has led the delegate count throughout the primaries, she is locked in a struggle with the popular former Independent Bernie Sanders, who has won many states out from under her.

Most forecasts predict the November presidential election will be a contest between the controversial billionaire businessman Donald Trump and former First Lady and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. But they both still face obstacles in the primaries, which aren’t over yet. Clinton must stay ahead of her second place contender, Bernie Sanders, and Trump must overcome the opposition of the Republican elite. It is sure to be the hottest and most acrimonious election to decide who occupies The White House in many years.

American voters are accustomed to aggressive political campaigns that bring out the worst in rivals. The system of primaries enables several claimants to wage a relentless campaign to bring down candidates from their own party and leaves little in the way of weaknesses for the two ultimate rivals to unearth on one another. Candidates often indulge in the kind of campaign that is sometimes uncivil, but this year is different.

The leading Republican, Donald Trump, has been called a liar by much of the media, and his own party calls him a disaster. The astonishing scenario is that the …

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