Stores Worldwide Sell Shrimp Peeled by Child Slaves

A report by the Associated Press revealed that detained and beaten workers, some of them children, peel shrimp for the seafood industry in Thailand. These same shrimp are sold in stores in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

The workers are brought illegally into Thailand, often from Myanmar. Their documents are withheld and they are forced to labor under debt bondage, which is considered slavery by the U.S. government. The AP interviewed a couple attempting to pay off an $830 debt by working 16-hour days in a processing plan for less than $4 per day, which was regularly withheld for other expenses.

The owners keep illegal workers in line by threatening that they will be deported by the police, but the AP interviewed former slaves who described how they had been sold back into the seafood industry after being detained by police.

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