Progress Made Against AIDS

An early report from the UNAIDS organization for World AIDS Day on December 1st show that progress continues against the disease in impoverished regions. After AIDS peaked in Sub-Saharan Africa in the last decade, concentrated efforts have continued to bring the numbers down.

The report highlights that though 1.2m people died from AIDS in 2014, that number is down from 1.3m the previous year, and from a peak of 2m in 2005. The number of new infections also fell; it is down to 2m in 2014 from 2.1m in 2013 and 3.1m at the peak in 2000. In addition, 2015 saw between $22 and $24 billion in fundraising for spending on AIDS in poor and middle-income countries, up from $20 billion in 2014.

The “90-90-90” goal of UNAIDS for the year 2020 is to have at least 90 percent of those infected aware of the fact, 90 percent of those aware already receiving treatment, and 90 percent of those receiving treatment at a level were the virus is undetectable in bodily fluid. Their hope is to “end the epidemic” by 2030.

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