Ex-Colombian President Objects to Peace Process

The peace process to end a half-century of conflict in Colombia between the government and left-wing FARC rebels is moving forward, but former president Alvaro Uribe has been a vocal critic on social media website Twitter.

Current President Juan Manuel Santos met with the leader of the rebel group in Havana in September in an effort to break what he called the “link between politics and weapons”. In total, more than 220,000 people have been killed and at least 6 million forced to flee their homes over the last 55 years.

Uribe, who fought the rebels during an eight-year presidency that ended in 2010, has called the peace negotiations a “coup against democracy” that would amount to “a new dictatorship backed by guns and terrorist explosives”. Uribe is the first former Colombian head of state to be elected a senator, and his party opposes the negotiations on the grounds that FARC guerrillas should be prosecuted for their crimes and thrown in jail.

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