Terrorist Attacks in France, Tunisia, and Kuwait

Three simultaneous terrorist attacks shook the world on June 26. The attacks did not appear to be coordinated, but all were inspired by the increasing spread of jihadism.

In Lyon, France, a man set off an explosion in the chemical plant where he worked. He killed only one employee, his boss, using  a knife, and displayed the head next to a flag with the Islamic declaration of faith.

Two hours later in Sousse, Tunisia, a gunman dressed as a vacationer killed 39 people at a beachfront hotel before he was shot by security forces. It was the second attack aimed at tourists in the region in three months.

Less than an hour after the second attack, a suicide bomber in Kuwait City killed 25 at a Shiite mosque during Friday prayer. ISIS claimed responsibility for the bombing.

Though they do not appear connected, the three incidents came just days after ISIS called for such attacks to take place during the holy month of Ramadan.

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