■ Obama Says Netanyahu Comments Complicate Peace Deal

President Barack Obama said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s vow to oppose a two-state solution makes “it hard to find a path” to serious peace talks, despite Netanyahu’s post-election comments that he is open to the idea.

“We take him at his word when he said that it wouldn’t happen during his prime ministership, and so that’s why we’ve got to evaluate what other options are available to make sure that we don’t see a chaotic situation in the region,” Obama said in an interview with the Huffington Post.

Obama told the news organization that he raised concerns to Netanyahu after his victory in Israel’s elections, indicating to the prime minister that “it is going to be hard to find a path where people are seriously believing that negotiations are possible.”

Leading up to the election, Netanyahu declared that he would not allow the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Netanyahu’s already strained relationship with the U.S. frayed further in March when the prime minister spoke in Congress against a nuclear deal with Iran.

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(NBC News)

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