Editor’s Comment

Renewed Vigilance in World Affairs.

At the dawn of this New Year 2015, which coincides with the start of the fourth year of The Global Intelligence, we wish to reaffirm our commitment to independent and impartial global analysis. This journal was started to advocate for a peaceful and prosperous free world based on justice and equality. No matter how rough the roads we must traverse, we stand as proponents of free minds and free-market policy when it is consistent with democratic values and the sovereign equality of all states.

All citizens of this heterogeneous world have a collective responsibility to uphold the principles of human dignity and freedom in their own nations. We strive for equality at all global levels, and all our efforts are directed to that end. We condemn violent acts and cowardly postures and advocate for the principles of non-aggression. All tyrants and perpetrators of injustice are the enemies of humanity and should be held accountable, no matter how powerful.

Looking around, the prospect may seem bleak. ISIS in the Middle East and Boko Haram in Africa are the allies of none. They are ruthless killers of innocent people and should be tried in lawful courts. In West Africa, we face the serious disaster of the Ebola epidemic, which has taken a toll of thousands of lives and continues to threaten any nation who engages with the region—yet the effects of that fear may cause more harm than the virus itself. In Pakistan, the Taliban has killed scores of civilians and innocent school children. Political actors there have a record of supporting Islamic terrorists and have contributed to war and terror all over the world, but we should not turn our back on injustice and simply walk away. These areas, now more than ever, need engagement and support.

As geopolitical forces shift, cyber-security and cyber-terrorism are new issues that the world community must address with diligence. Cyberspace can not only be abused by terrorists, but our own governments can turn it into a weapon against civil liberties. (See our story, “The Tools of Despotism”, in this issue.)
Late last year, growing numbers of Mexican citizens took to the streets as their government failed to protect them from the all too familiar cabal of criminal gangs who have virtually ruled the country in parallel with Mexican authorities. The government of Enrique Peña Nieto is cowed under the dictate of the narco-gangs. Ninety percent of Mexicans have no confidence in their local police forces.

We hope and strive for our world to be a better place in 2015. In the ongoing developments in Eastern Ukraine, restraint and conscience must prevail among us more than ever this year. We sincerely salute our readers and patrons, and once again urge all to stay engaged and vigilant in world affairs.

Probir Kumar Sarkar (Editor’s Comment, Winter 2015)

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