■ The Torture Report That You Haven’t Seen Yet

The CIA claims the torture tactics it used has saved lives, but another document exists that could discredit this defense. For the past five years, a CIA document, known as the Panetta Review, has been at the center of a feud between the Senate Intelligence Committee and the CIA. The committee members who have spent the last five years investigating the CIA’s torture program believe that the Panetta Review reveals that within the agency itself there was debate about the morality and effectiveness of torture.

According to senators who have seen it, the Panetta Review concedes that the use of enhanced interrogation techniques did not lead to any intelligence and in fact did not make detainees any more willing to talk. The document goes further still and admits that the CIA lied about the program to Congress, the White House, and the public. While the Panetta Review was apparently created by the CIA to find out what the Senate committee would uncover, it seems to be much more damning than they had hoped. It is unclear whether it will ever be made public.

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