■ Candidate Says He Can’t Trust Officials’ Tally of Afghan Vote

The Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah intensified his political brinkmanship on days after the second poll in June, insisting that he would not accept any result put forth by the country’s election commission as his supporters appeared to be gearing up for street protests.

Essentially turning his back on the entire election process, Mr. Abdullah, who was the leading vote-winner in the first round of voting, said he could no longer trust the system to address his accusations of widespread fraud and collusion against him in the recent presidential runoff vote. A day after his call to halt vote-counting and start an investigation into ballot-box stuffing went unheeded by the Independent Election Commission, he told his supporters that he would leave the next steps to them.

“The people of Afghanistan will make their own decisions,” he said. “I will stand beside them, and we will make our decision along with them.”

(New York Times)

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