A Nuclear-free Scotland

5234586160_f67ab1785c_zScottish independence threatens NATO’s reliance on a nuclear arsenal

By Alexander H. Maurice.

On September 18th of this year, voters in Scotland will be answering a simple question: yes or no, “Should Scotland be an independent country?” They will thus decide to either remain in the U.K. or become independent. This question has implications ranging far beyond Scotland’s borders.

Both NATO and the U.K. have an interest in the question of Scottish independence beyond the Scottish people’s self-determination. The Trident submarines that form the U.K.’s nuclear deterrent are housed at Faslane on the Clyde River in Scotland, and the Scottish government has made clear that a vote for Scottish independence is a vote for a constitution that would ban all nuclear weapons from Scotland. This has strong repercussions for the U.K. and for NATO’s reliance on a nuclear arsenal as a deterrent to any nuclear rivals.

Trident’s ejection from a newly independent Scotland would be …

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