■ Pew: Democrats, Republicans drifting further apart

The Pew Research Center has confirmed what most of us strongly suspected—the political divide is becoming a Grand Canyon.

“To be sure, those with across the-board liberal or conservative views remain in the minority; most Americans continue to express at least some mix of liberal and conservative attitudes. Yet those who express ideologically consistent views have disproportionate influence on the political process: They are more likely than those with mixed views to vote regularly and far more likely to donate to political campaigns and contact elected officials.”

The study also finds 92 percent of Republicans are to the right of the median Democrat and 94 percent of Democrats are to the left of the median Republican.

Pew also found attitudes about the opposite party has coarsened significantly. 36 percent of Republicans call Democrats a threat to the nation’s well-being. 27 percent of Democrats felt that way about Republicans.

(Sun Herald)

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