Impeachable Offenses

impeachable-offenses-1gifThe American Public should be keeping a closer eye on President Obama.

by Probir K. Sarkar.

Is political Islam actively working in the Obama Administration in disguise, and what are the President’s real foreign policy goals? Have Obama and his team fundamentally abused the powers of his office and committed serious and possibly irreparable injury to American society?

The book Impeachable Offenses is a harrowing expose and criticism of the Obama Administration. In a devastating investigation, it builds the case that since assuming office, the President has weakened the United States, at home and abroad, bolstered foes, given his administration’s support to Muslim Brotherhood revolutions, rejected U.S. allies, and downplayed the risk of Islamic fundamentalism.

It alleged that the Obama administration ushered those very enemies into the White House, placing on important U.S. national security advisory boards members of the Muslim Brotherhood who masterminded and fomented anti-U.S. sentiments throughout the world. It outlined how Obama’s possibly illegal transfer of U.S. arms and aid to Middle Eastern rebels has resulted in newly emboldened al-Qaeda branches in Mali, Syria, Gaza, and elsewhere.

Published in August of this year, this new book, written by New York Times bestselling authors Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott, builds up the evidence for removing Barack Obama from office. The writers successfully investigated and compiled stories from various news sources to bring to light Obama’s clandestine efforts, from his first political career in Chicago to the 2nd term of his current presidency in the White House.

How did his administration sidestep Congress or infringe on states’ rights? How is Obama-care unconstitutional? And to what extent did he take unauthorized actions to expand IRS power? Or grant largely unreported amnesty to millions of illegal aliens using his illicit interagency directive and executive orders? The writers try to answer these questions, accumulating reports to build the case for removing Obama from office.

In its revelations, the book illustrates the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood that quietly founded multiple organizations and networks in the United States, mostly funded by Persian Gulf states, and sought influence by lobbying sympathetic members of Congress and infiltrating U.S. organizations aligned with various Palestinian and Islamic causes. According to the book, the Obama administration quietly and carefully ignored these acts as non issues.

The authors reiterated the President’s personal role in the September 11, 2012 Benghazi attacks with new evidence regarding what transpired in the U.S. diplomatic mission prior to the assaults and how allegedly U.S. arms were transferred to terrorist hands. The book reveals Obama’s support for U.S. ally ousters throughout the Middle East and Africa as allied leaders were replaced with radical Islamic forces to the detriment of the U.S. war on terror. The removal of crucial allies like President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, President Zine al-Abidine of Tunisia, and Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh are noted.

It condemns Obama for how he downplayed an act of devastating terrorism at home with which a Muslim U.S. Army Psychiatrist, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, with connections to terrorist organizations, slaughtered thirteen U.S. Army personnel and left thirty others wounded in a shooting spree at Fort Hood, Texas. Though clearly an act of deadly terrorism, the President understated this by saying the American public should “not jump into conclusion”.

The writers accuse Obama of engagement in corruption, cronyism, and other impeachable offenses during his first term’s misuse of public funds in its “green” or clean energy funding adventures. The book vigorously blames the President for the “illegality” of the US-NATO military campaigns engaged in without congressional approval, including drone strikes. It charged him with data mining and his secret steps taken with the PRISM program, leading rapidly to the stage of American citizens living under a surveillance regime.

The book is an impeccable work of research and sourcing for the list of impeachable offenses it levies against the Obama administration, and it gives the President’s detractors substantial ammunition with which to sling political attacks. The writers carefully frame the reports of a multitude of sources to hang a robust portrait of Obama’s acts of treason and disloyalty.

Yet in the book’s one-sided argument, it has left room to analyze, for instance, in what circumstances the Obama administration backed popular movements led by the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East and Africa. Though the incumbent leaders in these countries were friendlier to the U.S. than the following democratic regimes, Obama could not ignore popular movements just to protect American footholds in these countries. The book failed to analyze the complete picture of the Obama administration’s electronic surveillance or its involvement in the Benghazi incident or why the President dismissed an act of terrorism at home or endured the popular movements led by the Muslim Brotherhood abroad.

The writers in conclusion warned all Americans, whether Democrats, Republicans, or Independents, to be concerned about the nearly limitless seizure of power, abuses of authority, cronyism, corruption, lies, and cover-ups of the administration.

Impeachable Offensesis a lucidly written investigative book by a potent duo, Klein and Elliott. It is informative and timely, but also only supplemental for anyone wanting a thorough look inside the current U.S. Administration. Nonetheless it makes a strong case for greater scrutiny and political due diligence on behalf of the American people.


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