Google Tackles Aging

In September, Google’s co-founder and CEO Larry Page announced Google’s plan to start a new company to tackle the problem of human aging. The new venture’s name is Calico, short for the California Life Company. Its CEO is Art Levinson, the current chairman of Apple and a former research scientist and one time CEO of the biotech pioneer Genentech.

Page has outlined their goal to initiate research that will take 10 to 20 years to have an impact on the healthcare field, but the specific areas Calico will explore have been kept intentionally secret. Page said pragmatically that solving cancer would actually only increase average life expectancy by about three years. Following Google’s motto of creating innovation that is a whole order of magnitude greater than the competition, Page has hinted his new venture will be thinking bigger than that.

It is unknown whether Google will simply be using its data-processing might to further study the causes of aging or looking into brand new biotech hardware. At this point, Calico could even be an initiative to research a form of digital long-life as sought after by Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov who is investing in the technology to upload his consciousness to a computer by the year 2045. No further details have been released.


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