Climate Change now “Extremely Likely” to be Human Caused

The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its five-year report in September. The release catalogs and reviews all recent scientific findings in order to present a unified conclusion: it is extremely likely, that is with 95 percent certainty, that human activity has caused more than half of climate change that has occurred within the previous 50 years.

Global average temperatures have risen by roughly 1 degree Celsius in most areas. This precipitous change has already increased the likelihood and severity of extreme weather patterns, including the hurricanes and droughts that some areas of the world are already familiar with. In addition to elevated temperatures, what was previously thought of as a “storm of the century” will soon strike every 20 years or so.

This new scientific consensus has raised the certainty that humans are the primary cause of climate change from 90 percent, or “very likely”, in the previous report, giving more clout to the argument that a change in human activity can curtail climate change and prevent the resulting negative consequences.


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