The Palestinian Peril

Even with U.N. recognition, Palestine’s prospects look grim, but one hope remains.


by N. R. Gataveckas.

A “resounding” international consensus was recently reached on the question of the Palestinian state. Following its official recognition in the United Nations by a vote of 138 to 9 (with 40 countries abstaining), the issue should have been thrown into stark clarity on the world stage. Aside from testifying to the legitimacy of the Palestinian grievance, however, the vote cast a harsh light on those few nations who continue to oppose “the birth certificate of Palestine,” to use the words of Palestine’s president, Mahmoud Abbas.

Noteworthy is a foreign policy bloc formed between the U.S., Canada, and Israel. In the end, these three were revealed as the bulwark of the international opposition to a Palestinian state. Commenting on the vote on their behalf, Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird took the opportunity to chide the rest of the chamber: “As a result of this body’s utterly regrettable decision to abandon policy and principle, we will be considering all available next steps.”

What these steps will entail remains to be seen, but so does a definitive outcome that should have followed such a significant resolution. Attaining the status of a “non-member observer state” will lend greater political clout to the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), but the question of the development of a working state apparatus, along with infrastructure, amenities, and jobs for those who live in Palestine, goes unanswered. Yet this is …

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