Hezbollah a Grave Threat in America’s Backyard

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano visits FEMA HeadquartersReports are ignored in the U.S. that Mexico is fertile ground for a growing Hezbollah presence.

by Joseph J. Kolb

Growing warning signs indicate that Hezbollah is flourishing in Mexico. The increased threat to American security that this terrorist organization poses from just over the fence demands consideration not only at the U.S-Mexico border but also at the Department of Homeland Security to proactively identify and minimize the danger.

Much of the activity in the past six years has been isolated to fraud and money laundering in which Hezbollah agents have taken full advantage of relationships with Mexican cartels, Los Zetas in particular. Hezbollah has become ingrained in the Mexican narcotics industry as a means to fund worldwide terrorist activities. While no overt acts of terrorism can be linked directly through Mexico, some officials contend it is only a matter of time.

A congressional report released in November by Rep. Michael McCaul, chairman of the Homeland Security Oversights & Investigations Subcommittee, offered an …

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