Russia Rises Again

Private Meeting with Vladimir PutinPutin seeks to expand Russian influence with his ‘Eurasian Union’.

by Cristina Maza

Russian President Vladimir Putin has his sights set on expansion, one way or another. Professor Emeritus of Colombia University Robert Levgold, summed up Russia’s diplomatic aims when he remarked that over the past six centuries, the country has been shifting from the periphery to the center of global power relations.

Russia at the head of the USSR was one of two great world powers and was able to reap the benefits of its excessive influence. Today Russia is no longer the military and economic superpower it once was. Economic decline and the loss of control over vast swathes of territory following the breakup of the Soviet Union left Russia a weak and debilitated giant on the global playing field.

What has become increasingly apparent as the years since have passed is that the aims of the nation’s successive leaders seem to be …

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