Jordan Foils 9/11 (2)

Officials in Jordan revealed in October they foiled a major terrorist plot that organizers had been calling “9/11 (2)”.

The attacks were planned to occur on the seventh anniversary of the last al Qaeda attacks in Jordan, the suicide bombing of an Aman hotel on Nov. 9, 2005. The 11 suspected terrorists are all Jordanian citizens with ties to al Qaeda.

The suspects were believed to move supplies and funding through Syria. A report on Jordan state television said the plans included the use of explosives, booby-trapped cars, submachine guns, and mortars. The primary targets were two major shopping malls, which would have resulted in a significant civilian death toll.

Officials in Jordan had the group under constant surveillance for a month, gathering evidence before moving in for an arrest. News reports say the 11 suspects are ultra-conservative Salafist jihadists.


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