Iran isn’t Alone

3388535986_5c9277b667_oIndia is maintaining its trade alliance with Iran despite America’s call for sanctions.

by Mahendra Ved

At the end of August, India sat alongside Iran at the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit hosted in Tehran. In the face of the West struggling to push Iran away from nuclear proliferation with sanctions and embargoes, India’s stance is decidedly aligned with its ancient ties.

The U.N. General Assembly meeting in October proved to be the battle grounds for the world community over Iran’s much-talked-about nuclear weapons program. The United States continued to express determination for peacefully preventing Iran from going nuclear while Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu raised a sharp pitch for a military action against Tehran. Iran warned of serious consequences if it is attacked.

Raising the specter of a preemptive attack by Iran and threatening the world at large with Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons, Netanyahu referred distinctly to India, saying …

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