“The Greatest Danger Facing the World”

Tehran’s nuclear energy program will force the U.S. to respond.

by Yatindra Bhatnagar

Hidden in concrete bunkers buried beneath desert sands, the work of just a few scientists is tipping the world stage. The power play in the Middle East, the various claims and counter-claims, have all been overshadowed now by Iran’s growing ambition of harnessing nuclear energy.

For many nations, it brings with it serious concern over the grave danger that Tehran’s Mullah-dominated regime poses to the world near and far. Weapons of mass destruction are within the grasp of the most aggressive and daringly audacious country in the Middle East, and the threat is very real.

One must concede that the United States has been the only country to drop nuclear bombs in conflict — some 67 years back when Japan was adamant to continue the War and millions were threatened. In the wake of the tragedies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, however, the world has learned of the terrible realities of atomic bombs. Today, only a half-dozen more nations posses, or are suspected of possessing, nuclear weapons, and none have used them.

That yet another country steadily nears acquisition of weapons of mass destruction is an unpleasant prospect for all nuclear and non-nuclear nations, but the situation is even more dire considering …

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