The Commute of the Future

Property of Terrafugia Inc.

Could flying cars change the urban skyline forever?

by Benjamin Hayward

The Terrafugia Transition is a vehicle aptly named for its ability to both drive and fly. The small craft seats two, can fit in a traditional garage, and if driven to a runway, can take flight. The car’s hinged wings unfold in less than 30 seconds at the push of a button, and on 760 meters of straight-away, it can lift off.

Not yet on the market, the Transition completed its first test flight in March as part of applying for certification as a Light-Sport Aircraft in the United States. It may be the first of a new generation of road vehicles to take flight, but over a dozen ‘flying cars’ are currently in development for different purposes, including military. Many will have even greater flight capabilities than the Transition. The dream is to eventually lift off from your home, beat the traffic, and make the daily commute in a fraction of the time. But will flying cars ever be a commuters’ reality or remain nothing more than niche aircraft?

The status of Terrafugia’s Transition is still …

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