A Golden Age of Gas

The coming energy boom will be America’s, thanks to shale gas.

by John McNeil

In a race to become the world leader in unconventional natural gas, the United States is approaching the finish line while the rest of the world is still tying its shoelaces at the starting blocks.

By developing new technologies such as hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and horizontal drilling, the U.S. has already moved from an energy deficit to an energy surplus in just a few short years and may be on the cusp of a boom that will see American shale gas competing with petroleum on the world stage. In today’s era, redefining energy economics means redefining geopolitical power, and the U.S. seems poised to strengthen its already formidable position on the world stage.

There may be good reasons why other countries lag so far behind in developing shale gas. Countries with comparable or even larger shale gas reserves have …

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One thought on “A Golden Age of Gas”

  1. Great story!  This is what I struggle with on twitter.  Thanking each person that tweets, sends out an article, etc especially when we've joined groups to help and grow each other, and we know we're being renserocatpd.&cbip; So I don't thank as often as i should, but this post has me thinking =)

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