U.S. on Alert in Nairobi

The U.S embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, informed the U.S. citizens there to be alert after receiving reliable information of a possible attack on prominent hotels and government buildings. There have been two such attacks in the past two years, resulting in seven dead and 83 wounded.

The threat is linked to Al-Shabaab, an organization based in southern Somalia with connections to Al-Qaeda. This is not the first time Al-Shabaab has been connected to the attacks in Nairobi. A Kenyan who caused the grenade attacks last year claimed he was associated with the organization though Al-Shabaab denied the involvement.

Kenya has not faced as many devastating attacks as Somalia likely due to the U.S. embassy’s credible information regarding the plots leading to tightened security at well-known targets and government buildings. This is very likely the reason why Kenya has been victim of only ‘soft target’ strikes while Somalia has faced many devastating attacks in high profile areas.


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