No End in Sight for Tibetan Protesters

Protest in Tibet, January, 2012

Self-immolations increase in Tibet as China remains unflinching to their demands.

by Yatindra Bhatnagar

The controversial annexation/occupation of Tibet by the Chinese Communist government is more than six decades old. The serious and brutal violation of human rights, ethnic cleansing, large scale government-mandated and encouraged migration of the majority Han Chinese to Tibet, and Beijing’s divide-and-rule policies continue unabated. Through loss of both life and liberty, the protests have endured.

At the heart of Tibet’s lost independence is a long tale of a failure to plan, of faulty policies, and of the utopian ideas of the Indian leader Jawaharlal Nehru who at the time encouraged Chinese expansionism even to the detriment of India’s own interests. At the origins of the occupation, none sat more idly than those who watched from Tibet’s doorstep.

The recent incidences of self-immolation in protest of the Chinese occupation have…

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